Why “The Plan” by Lyn-Genet Recitas?

I’ve decided to publicly document my husband and my journey on The Plan because we’ve had such success and I want others to know all about it.

Lyn-Genet is a nutritionist who says that each person has a unique chemistry where seemingly healthy food can trigger toxic reactions that cause weight gain.  The book provides information and a 20-day meal plan to determine which foods are reactive for you. 

I had seen Lyn-Genet on the daytime tv circuit and I didn’t think much of what she was saying.  I felt that she was pitching a new fad diet and I don’t really believe that someone who eats healthy foods at appropriate proportions and exercises regularly can still be overweight.  I’m pretty sure I’m fat because I eat too much and don’t exercise enough.  While I’m sure that’s still true, The Plan offered me something else.

I have chronic allergies.  I have asthma and eczema and neither are well controlled.  I am allergic to everything.  The doctor won’t allergy test me because he says the tests aren’t very accurate.  The naturopath suggested I only eat lamb and rice and gradually add back foods to see if I react to them.  Well, I’m allergic to rice. Plus, what do I add first? Cookies?  Lasagna?  How do I know if I’m reacting to a new food or to the changing season?  It was too overwhelming, so I never did it.  But The Plan offers to walk me through determining which foods are right for me.

My husband, “Tony”, has also been having lots of health problems.  For years he’s had stomach problems.  Serious problems.  He’s often bloated and in pain.  Sometime he’s constipated, sometime it’s diarrhea.  (tmi? sorry, but this is all about intestinal health)  The worst times it’s violent vomiting.  After a plethora of tests, he was diagnosed with gastritis.  The remedy is pills, but the doctor couldn’t provide much help in preventing flare ups.

One day we caught Lyn-Genet pushing her book on tv.  I asked Tony if he wanted to give it a try.  We both need to lose weight, but it’s hard if only one person is on board.  To my surprise he said yes.  So I immediately ran out, bought the book, and did a quick read.

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