The Deal

In short, this is what the book is saying.

  • The wrong foods cause inflammation, and inflammation makes you sick and causes weight gain.
  • Many people have thyroid problems, and don’t know it.  This also causes illness and weigh gain, but eating the right foods can counteract this problem.
  • Too much salt is inflammatory
  • Not enough water is inflammatory

The book says that everyone has different chemistry so each person can react differently to each food.  However, through her testing, Lyn-Genet has determined some generally non-reactive foods, so the plan starts with those foods.

The 20 day plan is a controlled experiment to see which foods are reactive for you.  The measuring stick?  A scale.  If you lose weight, you’re all clear.  Gain?  It’s a bad food.  Plus you have to listen to your body for obvious signs – bloating, head ache, scratchy throat…  Since you are eating a shorter list of ingredients, it’ll be more obvious what you are reacting too.

Day 1-3 is a cleanse.  Don’t let the word “cleanse” scare you.  This is no juice fast or master cleanse.  You get to eat A LOT of food.  More than I could even handle.  You’ll definitely be full.  But you could have a whole laundry list of symptoms.  She says the symptoms are a sign of your body “healing” itself.  Right.  If I rub a cat in my face and get a headache and full of mucus, that’s my body “healing” itself.  Well, then my body wins first place at continually healing itself.

Day 4-20 is the testing phase.  Every other day you try a new food.  One day a new food, the next day a rest to heal.  The addition of a new food is very systematic, so you can tell if you’ve reacted.

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