T-3 days and counting

The Plan  requires a lot of planning and prep work, and the book does you no favours in this department.  She should have given you a grocery list in the book, although there is now one available on line here, you still need to go through each day and each recipe to prevent daily visits to the grocery.  She also should have told you to make up some of the recipes a few days before you start.  The Flax Granola requires you to soak the flax seed overnight, then bake for an hour.  This is a two-day process for me, since I eat first thing in the morning and don’t have time to wait an hour for food.  Day 1 requires orange oil, but I think this one should be made a few days ahead to let the flavours infuse.

Sharpen your knives.  And be prepared for a lot of chopping.  And cooking. Not to mention dishes.   Also, make friends with your local produce sellers.   You will be eating more vegetables than you thought was possible.  Oh, and if you’re a composter, your worms are going to love you!

test clip art 2 390x300You also need to do a few tests before you get started.  The yeast test takes one day and the thyroid test takes three days BEFORE you start the plan.  Tony and I both tested negative for these tests.

T-1 Day

Tomorrow we’re starting the plan.  So today I cooked the carrot soup, coco sauce, flax granola and made the orange oil.  It was a lot of cooking.

I’ve also run into a snag.  Breakfast for the first week includes Coconut Milk or Rice Milk.  I know I’m allergic to coconut water and rice.  So what to do?  Well, I went to the website and emailed them my question.  I got a response by the end of the day!  Impressive.  They said to eat it like popcorn (which is just a tastier way of saying eat it dry) or try a new recipe not included in the book for Blueberry and Pear compote.

A Note of Flax Seeds

The book says flax is high in omega-3, calcium and protein and great for “elimination”, meaning it’ll prevent you from becoming constipated.  Dr. Oz says that flax is good for fiber, omega-3, and lignans, which reduce the chance of breast cancer.  But you have to grind it and the granola uses whole seeds.  I also understand that some people with a history of breast cancer are supposed to avoid estrogenic foods like flax seed.  The book says that the granola uses whole seeds to cut down the absorption of these estrogenic properties.  And Lyn-Genet doesn’t like soy because it’s a phytoestrogen, which has an affect on hormone balance.  So what to do?


The book also recommends a couple of supplements to help you.

  1. Liver Detox – because the liver is responsible for metabolsim and hormone control
  2. MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) – for those with allergies.  She says it can reset the histamine response in your body.  (Really?  So could you please call my physician and tell him about it?  I really dislike it when I’m told my ailments can be cured by non-medical solutions.  It’s not that I don’t believe in alternative methods, its just that if it’s really tested to be true, then why wouldn’t my doc know?  I particularly hate it when this happens at the beauty counter.  Oh, this cream can cure eczema.  Really?  Then you should get a nobel prize.  Sorry, I rant.  I will try it anyway.)
  3. Probiotics – Have on hand if you experience constipation.  Also helps to balance yeast grown.

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