Day 2 – Rice

Weight: Cleo -1.8 lbs, Tony -5.4 lbs.

Wow.  That is some weight loss.  Well, Tony’s has bad data.  After dinner he spent the evening vomiting.  He burst a blood vessel in his eye. 😦  I’m sure he had a stomach flu because he was ok by the next morning.  Or food poisoning from his “last meal” of a giant donair the day before.

Breakfast and lunch are the same as yesterday.  We couldn’t wait to eat lunch.  After lunch Tony was dreaming of hamburgers.  I let him eat his snack – an apple and almonds.  A few almonds in and my mouth is burning.  Ok, there’s a definite allergy.

I’m tired and grumpy.  Don’t know if it’s related to the diet or because it’s a day that ends in “y”.

Tony also felt bloated after eating the avocado, so we’ll add that to his reactive list.  I also felt that avocado could have made my mouth itchy, but since I think it’s so tasty, I’ll test it again.

Dinner is the same, but we get brown rice too.  I eat it, even though I know I have an allergy.  My skin gets itchy and I take a reactine.  I’m still hungry, but I have to admit I didn’t finish my lunch salad or my dinner salad.  I’m not so hungry I’d eat more veggies.

The book is starting to annoy me.  It’s really hard to follow menu planning and grocery shopping.  I’m constantly flipping forward to the next few days, then to the recipes, and then trying to assemble a huge grocery list.  I wish that the daily menu was on one page,so you could see “oh the same breakfast for a week”.  And I wish the recipes left you with the right amount of leftovers.  I also wish it was a coil book.  Maybe I need to write Lyn-Genet another letter with my brilliant ideas.  

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