Day 3 – Chicken

Weight: Cleo -1.8 lbs, Tony -2.6 lbs.

Since I lost 1.8 lbs on rice, does that mean I’m not reactive?  Sadly, no.  I’m pretty sure it made me itchy.

So I made a little mistake.  Tony’s not too happy with me.  The book says if you really can’t live without coffee, then have coffee.  She wants you to avoid it because it’s acidic and to give your body a rest.  She also says teas are fine, even the caffeinated ones.  I could have been having caffeine this whole time!, Tony says.  Oops, love you.

Tony is loving this diet.  His guts don’t hurt.  He says he can’t remember when last time he felt this good.  If he wanted to quit and go get pizza and ice cream, I’d happily give in.  But he’s going strong, so I’ll stay with him.

I’m so over the flax cereal.  Eating it dry is not tasty.  Tomorrow I’m going to try something else, but I’ll have to prep it today.  Tony notices rice milk has more calories and sugar AND less salt and fiber than the coconut milk.  The tv tells me to watch out for those flavoured milks because they have a lot of added sugar.

Today we get chickpeas for lunch and chicken for dinner.  Two proteins I really like.  The books says chicken is one of the least reactive animal proteins.  Our dinner looks great – chicken, roast veggies and greens.  But I’d trade it for cookie.  Fine, I’ll eat my delicious dinner.

Four days of cooking and I’m sick of it!  It’s not that I’m no used to cooking daily, just not every meal, every day.  One positive change is that we are eating dinner at the dinning table instead of on the couch.  We put so much work into the meals that we want to enjoy them and pretend we’re grown-ups.

Eczema: The deep cuts on my hands are healing.  Yay.  My regular runny nose has yellow mucus, which isn’t normal for me.  The website’s extensive list of cleanse side effects lists excess mucus, so I must be healing, right?

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