Day 4 – Cheese!

Weight: Cleo -0.5, Tony nil

Tony didn’t lose any weight.  He also drank a bunch of water late in the evening, so we’ll right it off to that.


Today we get cheese!  And coffee!  And wine! (ok, neither of us really drink wine) And chocolate!  Tony can’t believe there’s a diet that let’s you have all that.  And that’s the reason we get them today.  The book doesn’t want you to feel deprived, so it adds these fan favorites back right away.

First we enjoy our dark roast coffee with half and half.  Delicious!  It’s so good, I don’t even need another cup.  It sure makes my morning happier.

For lunch we get goat cheese with our vegetables and side salad with pumpkin seeds.  Such a good meal.

At snack, I tried almond butter again.  My nose started running, and my throat got irritated.  That’s a bad sign, right?

Here’s another complaint I have about the book. Dinner tonight is chicken with mango and cucumber salsa.  The salsa calls for a mango and a cucumber and makes 6-8 servings.  But it’s never included in a meal again.  So what am I suppose to do with the leftovers?  I don’t think cucs freeze well, but I’ll try it.

After dinner we get dessert!  1 oz of dark chocolate.  Hurrah!  1 oz is a good amount of chocolate and it makes me so happy.  And the plan lets us have chocolate every day!  So happy.  Did I already say that?

TMI warning! We are BMing like rock stars.

Eczema: My hands are worse.  New cuts, more irritation.

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