Day 5 – Rye

Cleo – 0.4, Tony -2.2 – This loss means were all clear for coffee, goat cheese, and chocolate.  Phew!

Today’s test: Rye!  Has anyone ever been this excited about rye?  Lyn-Genet calls this a “gateway” grain.  If you pass rye, you’re cleared to try other grains.

Today my breakfast is the blueberry and pear compote with chia seeds.  It’s very tasty.  The seeds give nice texture.  Unfortunately it doesn’t satisfy.  I’m hungry long before lunch.

For lunch we get our usual double dose of veggies, but today we get a rye cracker and hummus.   Yup, that one rye cracker for ladies and two for men.  The only rye crackers I could find are Wasa, and they are definitely hearty.

Tony has lower gut pain.  He doesn’t know why, but a quick visit the the facilities and he’s feeling great again.

I’m hungry all day.  Even after my chicken dinner, I could go out for more food.  I tell Tony I’m ok if he wants to cheat, but he’s feeling so good he’s happy to stay the course.  Good thing he’s here to keep me strong.