Day 6 – New Protein

Cleo -0.6, Tony -0.2 – We passed the rye test!  Can’t wait to try wheat and oats.

TMI: I’m constipated!  I’m sure it’s because I switched out my flax breakfast for fruit compote.  It doesn’t feel good.

Today we get to add a new protein, and we choose beef.  The thing with beef is you can only have it once a week, so for the rest of the week we are eating chicken.  And I make a rookie beef mistake.  Tony is expecting steak, but I pick up some sliced beef marked stir fry.  It looked good to me!  But it ended up being tough.  Tony reminds me stir fry meat needs to be marinaded.  It’s so tough, I don’t even finish it.  The internet tells me if I marinate it in vinegar and then simmer it, I might be able to save it.  I’ll try it tomorrow.

I Heart Vegetables

One great lesson I have learned is how to eat my veggies.  The nutritionists and dietitians are always saying how we need to eat more vegetables, and now I get it.  I have never eaten this much veg, and I actually didn’t think I could do it.  Ya, I add carrot sticks to my sandwich and even make orange-spinach smoothies (believe me, they’re good) but it’s no where near as much as this plan.  Lunch and dinner always has two huge servings of vegetables.  This is something I will definitely be able to keep doing once the 20 days are up.

Eczema: I noticed that my ears have finally healed, but my hands are still in bad shape.

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