Day 7 – No Test/CHEATING

Cleo -0.2, Tony -0.4 – We pass the beef test!  I didn’t eat all my beef, and I drank some water late, so I think my results could have been better.

TMI – Still constipated, but better.  I’m going back to the flax cereal today.

Today is the first day I’ll deviate (read cheat) from the plan.  Despite having chocolate for the last three days, I still feel deprived of my regular sweets.  So I am going to treat myself to an ice cream.  I have some logic with this too.  Since we haven’t test reactive (by weight) to anything yet, then I should be able to test something new.  I’m having ICE CREAM!  Lyn-Genet says that ice cream is the worst after dinner.  She says it’s too much dairy and cold inhibits digestions, so have ice cream during the day.  I will!  She also prefers gelato to ice cream because it has cleaner ingredients.  So I pick up a singe serving of cappuccino gelato and I enjoy every spoon of it!

Even though today is a rest day, we get a new food, Potato Chips.  Well, they have to be salt-free, and that was impossible to find.  Tony ended up buying Kettle Low Sodium potato chips.  They have 10 mg of sodium per 40 g serving.  1/4 tsp of salt has 390 mg of sodium.  So, it’s essentially no-salt.  Lyn-Genet like potatoes because they are high in potassium, even higher than bananas.  She says potassium help negate sodium.  Also, people like the crunch of chips.  They make them happy.  Cheers to chips!

My final “off plan” food for the day is the rest of that beef.  I simmer it, and cut it into tiny pieces and I’m able to eat most of it.  I promise Tony that since we only get beef once a week, I’ll make sure it’s only the best steak.  He sticks to plan and eats chicken.

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