Day 9 – No Test

Cleo nil, Tony -0.8 – I guess Tony was right about the beer.  Or at least he’s not reactive to wheat beer.  Me, on the other hand, what happened?  Well, I did drink water after cut off.  And I have a runny nose and I sinus headache.  I think I’m sick.  That could explain my lack of weight loss, right?  Well, I’m not going to worry about.  I’m going to have a nap instead.

Today we get to try a new breakfast too.  We can try a cereal (rice, spelt or kamut) and flax granola combo or a piece of bread with almond butter PLUS a fruit.

Tony decides since he didn’t react to the beer yesterday he gets another one today.  I don’t concur, but if it makes him happy, it’s ok. Plus it gives me license to take liberties too.  I go to McD and get an ice cream cone.  Yum!

Nighttime Interruptions

I used to wake up several times a night to pee.  I’m pretty sure it would be worse if I had a lot of sugar, but it would be a few times every night.  Since the plan, it’s been either once or not at all.  That’s a pretty remarkable change!

The other thing is I used to thirsty all the time.  I’d get really thirsty after dinner, then drink lots of water.  Not any more.

Diddy agrees with me about excess sugar.  See the vid below.

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