Day 10 – New Protein

Cleo + 1.8, Tony nil.  What??!! Almost two pounds on a rest day with one little ice cream!  But I did so well on that gelato.  Well, now I know, I’m reactive to McD’s ice cream.   Plus McD’s skim ice milk has completely different ingredients than gelato, and Lyn-Genet doesn’t like low fat dairy.  I guess I can only have gelato.  Boo-hoo

We get to try a new protein, and I opt for scallops.  They are high in iodine (btw what do I need that for?) and good for thyroid health, according to the book.  They are also a good start to other seafood, which I love.  Tony fries up the scallops and he thinks they taste amazing.  This make me laugh.  Ya, I know, scallops are awesome.  But he usually chooses beef, and hasn’t come to appreciate the delicious scallop.

No Grazing

Something else I’ve noticed is we can’t graze like we used to.  When we were hungry (read bored), we’d stop by the kitchen for cheese and crackers, rice cakes or toast.  But now we have 3 prescribed meals and one snack.  There’s no reason to graze, because we aren’t hungry and we know we’ll eat soon.  We also know exactly what the next meal is, so we don’t need to scavenge until we’re full.  Another new habit in the bag!

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