Day 11 – No Test

Cleo -0.8, Tony -0.6.  We both pass the scallop test.  Hurrah!  Scallops for everyone.  Oh, and I had weak moment last night.  After 10pm I grabbed an handful of potato chips (low salt), and a rye cracker with cow cheddar!  Oh no, not cow!  Well, the weight shows non-reactive, but this morning my skin is mad at me.  My face is red and itchy, my hands are terrible.  This is the worst it’s been since the beginning  of the plan.  So I’m either reactive to scallops or cow cheddar.  That makes me sad.  I’ll have to test both separately later.

Despite already feeling allergic, I opt for a piece of bread and poisonous almond butter.  I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t resist.  I suffer all day with itchy skin.

Kitchen Slave

I feel like I’ve been trapped in the kitchen all day.  First, I cleaned up from last night’s dinner.  Then I prepped tonight’s vegetable, which is a few pounds of veggies run through the mandolin.  That left me with a new set of dishes to wash.  When Tony got home I cooked the chicken.  After dinner I made another batch of flax cereal, a fresh batch of homemade hummus, and I packed Tony’s lunch for tomorrow.  Then I had to clean up all over again.  Good thing I don’t have a hobby.  Sad face.

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