Day 12 – New Vegetable

Cleo -0.2, Tony -1.0 – I’m sick today.  My nose was runny all night and my skin is bad and itchy everywhere.  Plus I didn’t sleep well.  Today I’ll be sure to avoid my allergens and to use all my meds and creams.  I still think it might be from those scallops.  How did Tony lose another pound by doing nothing?

Today we get to try a new vegetable, from a list of suggestions.  We must combine it with another approved veg.  I pick sweet potatoes.  They are one of my favorites.

Tony gets home from work asking for a hamburger.  Sorry, but I’m excited about sweet potatoes, so no cheating for you.  Plus we get chicken and some really good veg and it’s ready prepped.

Well, the sweet potatoes were a bit of a disappointment.  The veggies were much more tasty. I can’t believe I just said that.  But the recipe for vegetable timbale is delicious.  I should have taken a picture for you, but mine turned out pretty ugly.  Its a casserole made of layers of zucchini, onion, swiss chard, and carrots, with goat cheese and topped with parmesan.  Luckily this guy took a picture of his, and it’s beautiful.  Of course we finish off with our 1 oz of chocolate.

Vegetable Timbale


BTW – I thought a timbale was a kind of drum.  But in cooking it’s a fancy mold.  Haha you learned something!


Timbale Molds

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