Day 13 – Rest Day/Filet Mignon

Cleo – 0.6, Tony -0.4.  Good, were are both non-reactive to sweet potato.  And I’m 0.2 lbs away from losing the weight I gained on that McD’s ice cream I ate on day 10.  I don’t know anything about the science behind this plan, but if a 170 calorie vanilla reduced fat ice cream cone makes me gain almost 2 lbs and 150 cal of 1oz dark chocolate lets me lose weight, then I’m never eating McD’s ice cream again.  Even the gelato (calories unknown) let me lose 0.8lbs.

It’s been 7 days since the tough beef fiasco, so today we can have cow again.  I bought Tony’s favorite, filet mignon.  Cute steak always makes him happy.  Now the question is about that nice piece of bacon that cuddles the little steak.  Today is a rest day, so we are suppose to eat nothing new.  Plus the book doesn’t like processed pork because it’s high in sodium.  But yesterday we learned that when we test a new vegetable we should eat it with other approved vegetables, because it will be easier to digest.  So, if we want to test bacon, we should add to another approved protein, right?  I’m glad we agree.  It was juicy and delicious.

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