Day 14 – New Breakfast

Cleo -0.4, Tony -0.8

This morning we get to try a new breakfast item.  This is the first time we are testing different things.  I decide to test cow milk, because that would open up a lot more breakfasts for me since, I’m not doing the rice or coconut milk.  The book said to get whole milk, preferably lactose free, but I forgot and just got regular 2%.  I have the smoothie from the book, with blueberries, pear, and chia seeds.  It was tasty, but it called for 16 oz of fluid and then the rest of the ingredients.  That’s more like 2 servings.

Tony tried eggs, so he could have another protein.  He made himself some nice scrambled eggs with goat cheese and spinach.  He liked it and felt fine after eating it.

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