Day 15 – Rest Day / Day 18 – Test a Restaurant

Cleo -1.0, Tony -1.0.  After two weeks, I’ve lost 7.6 lbs, and Tony’s down 14.8 lbs.  That’s wonderful.  The book says you can lose half a pound a day, and I am right on schedule.  I’m mad that Tony has lost so much more than me.  Men!  He likes to remind me that I’ve been cheating and he hasn’t.  True, but I know if I didn’t cheat, I couldn’t have lost 15 lbs.

Today we’re suppose to rest, but we’re going out for dinner instead.  That’s day 18, test a new restaurant.  The rules are: only eat plan friendly foods; don’t eat chicken – restaurant chicken has too much salt; if plan friendly foods aren’t available, make a smart choice and try a half portion; plan friendly desserts are creme brulee, chocolate, biscotti, fruit with whipped cream.

We ate like kings!  Miso soup, toro, sunshi, maki, gyoza and deep fried tofu.  That’s a lot of untested foods – tuna, tofu, pork, and soya sauce.
  Plus a few evils – the book doesn’t like tofu because it interferes with estrogen levels or sushi because of the combination of rice and fish is highly reactive.  Everything was so delicious.

And of course we had to end the night with some dessert.  Tony stayed right on plan and had dark chocolate.  I had my favorite, ice cream.  Huge no-no, according to the plan.  She doesn’t like ice cream because it’s too much dairy, especially after dinner, and too cold.  I did opt for the chocolate covered ice cream instead of the ice cream sandwich, since dark chocolate is approved, but the cookie is not.  Good sacrifice, right?  Plus this was “real” ice cream, instead of fake iced milk product.

After all this food, I feel so full!  More full than I’ve felt in a long time.  Over full, really.  I may have over done it.  But it was so yummy!  We’ll see tomorrow how my body feels.

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