Day 16 – Two animal proteins

Cleo + 0.6, Tony nil.  Today I feel fat.  Like I feel my stomach is sticking out – fat.  I did a whole bunch of things wrong yesterday.  First, I didn’t drink my first-thing-in-the-morning water and lemon.  I didn’t even drink all my water, and most of it was really late in the day.  Second, I didn’t eat according to plan.  I ate out (sushi), I ate untested foods and lots of it.  Lastly, I ate ice cream and I ate it after dinner.  I also had a bit of a stomach ache all morning.  So, there’s no surprise I’m up 0.6 lbs.  Out of all the things I did wrong I bet the weight gain and stomach can be attributed to the ice cream.  Tony, on the other hand did everything right, and tested only one thing – eating out for sushi.  Having no weight gain is a great result, and this tells us he’s not reactive to our favorite Japanese meal.

Today we are testing two animal proteins in one day.  2 oz for chicken at lunch (and watching our energy levels in the afternoon) and a different approved animal protein at supper.  The only other approved animal protein we have is beef, so we’re breaking the beef once a week rule.

Poor Tony!  He forgot his chicken at home, so he had a protein-less lunch.  He get beef and chicken for supper.  The book says not to substitute foods within a set menu because it messes with the “chemistry” of their meal plan.  Well, I just can’t do it today (again).  Lunch is suppose to be sauteed kale with vegetables, and I made it with broccoli.  Then dinner is suppose to mixed greens and broccoli.  That’s too much broccoli for one day.  I make beet and carrot salad instead.  I hope this doesn’t cause a chemical imbalance.

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