Day 17 – No test / Bacon / FAIL

Cleo -1.2lbs, Tony nil – It appears that two proteins in one day works just great for me.  For Tony, it’s considered “non-reactive’ since he didn’t gain more than 0.5 lbs, so it’s ok for him too.

Allergy update: I can’t say that I’ve noticed much of a difference with my allergies.  My hands still look like drought-ridden farmland.   I still have my chronic runny nose.  The only thing that’s better is my ears have healed.  Oh, and I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday and she said I sounded much better.  That’s good.  I’ve been taking the MSM supplement for 17 days, and I don’t think it’s done anything either.  But Lyn-Genet says to take it for 30 days, so I’ll keep on it and hope for the best.

Since today is a recovery day, but we don’t have anything to recover from, I’ve decided to slip in a new test.  We only have two animals proteins – chicken and beef, and I want to add another one.  I decide on pork, but really bacon!  Lyn-Genet is not a fan.  She says most people are reactive to pork, plus cured meats have sodium and preservatives that mess with testing your tolerance of pork.  But Tony loves bacon.  And Lyn-Genet also encourages you to test foods you love.  So I carefully select a sulfite-free bacon.  It’s only ingredients are pork, salt, sugar, spice and smoke.  Good, right?

Oh no, test fail.  I completely ran out of time and couldn’t cook any dinner.  Tony wasn’t feeling well.  Actually he was so sick he couldn’t even cook bacon.  Poor guy.  I threw together greens with beet salad and an open face goat cheese sandwich.  No bacon for us.  I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

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