Where’s the Science?

One major thing that is missing from “The Plan” by Lyn-Genet Recitas is the science.  I’m sort of torn on this issue. On one hand, The Plan doesn’t seem to have any scientific backing.  On the other hand, Tony hasn’t felt this good in years.  While I question the science, I don’t care.  It doesn’t matter why this change in diet is helping Tony, I’m just glad it works.

skeptical-dog-dmLyn-Genet’s bio says she has studied holistic medicine for 30 years.  She said she “probably worked with 300 clients” (p.23) to establish the plan and has since worked with two thousand world wide.  That doesn’t sound scientific.  From reading the book, it sounds like she gathered some anecdotal evidence to come up with her rules.  Which could be fine, but doesn’t have me completely convinced.

Her major claim in that eating “reactive” foods causes inflammation, which impairs your digestion, and causes weight gain.  That sounds reasonable.  But is an overnight change in weight really the litmus test to pinpointing your reactive foods?  I’m not sure.

On Day 2 I eat two foods I KNOW I’m allergic to – almonds and rice.  I had a reaction – almonds made my mouth itchy and rice made my skin itchy.  I lost 1.2 lbs.  I suppose you could say that my body was well or healed enough to not hold onto the weight.  Plus my one anecdote doesn’t negate the entire book.

On page 6 she says that inflammation is a huge health problem and says it’s been connected to many diseases, aging and weight gain.  She cites general studies and medical journal articles, Time Magazine, Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Mark Hyman, and articles in Allure, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.  She lost me at Dr. Weil.  He has his own holistic books to pitch along with his own brand of snake oil, oops I mean fish oil, supplements.

Here are some of her claims, that I wish she had provided some more back up to.

  • “weight is nothing more than a reflection of you body’s chemical reaction to food” (p. xi).
  • “There’s no such thing as healthy.  There’s only what works for your body.” (p. 10)
  • “For every sixteen ounces less than your body needs, it will hold on to half a pound.” (p. 18)  We’re talking about water here.  She says you need your weight in pounds divided by 2 is the number of ounces of water you need each day.  This just leaves me wondering, how does she know this exact formula?
  • “It doesn’t matter how many calories you’re eating for weight loss, as long as you’re eating foods that burn clean for you.” (p.27)
  • “All the meals in The Plan are chemically balanced to give your body the nutrients it needs…” (p. 62)  Lyn-Genet please tell me what chemicals you are balancing and what nutrients you are covering?  She tells us we can’t substitute different foods within a given menu.  So after our 20 days, how are we suppose to make our own menus if we don’t know what chemicals and nutrients we need to cover?

1 thought on “Where’s the Science?

  1. I agree with you about it not being scientific. But I am praying that it works for me as it seems to have for you. Today is day 9 and I am down 5.6 lbs. I hated that I was reactive to eggs but I’m glad to know to avoid them for the time being. I suspect that some of my favorites (asparagus, salmon, yogurt, oatmeal) will also prove to be the reasons why diets have never worked.

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