Day 18 – Test a New Restaurant

Cleo nil, Tony nil.  Tony is sick.  He’s had a cold for the last few days.  He also hasn’t been eating all his food.  He is skipping his breakfast fruit, and he missed his protein for the last two days.  I’m sure that’s why he has been at the same weight for three days.

Well, I’ve basically gone rogue. I’m not following the book’s menus at all.  We already did the restaurant test,  and Tony insists we do another restaurant.

We go out for burgers.  But first we prepare.  I have some salt-free potato chips (remember, the potassium is suppose to absorb excess salt).  Tony makes himself some sauteed kale.  He doesn’t really like the chips (huh? he likes kale MORE than potato chips).

I get a bison burger with brie and with blueberries and brie.  Tony gets a burger with soft goat cheese, caramelized onions and bacon.  We don’t have any sides.  The burgers are 7 oz (way more than my prescribed 4-6oz, and just right for Tony’s 6-8 oz.  It’s a lot of meat, but I can handle it. I could have had half, but I don’t.

I go ahead and eat my dark chocolate, but more than usual.  Today I’m just really craving it.  Tony gets a bit of a stomach ache later, but it’s not too bad.

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