Day 20 – Finish Line

Cleo -0.8, Tony -1.0.  Today is the last day of our 20-day journey!  I’ve lost a total of 8.4 lbs and Tony is down 16.6 lbs.  We’ve both decreased our BMI from obese to overweight!  Woohoo! We’re overweight!

Tony has never felt better.  He doesn’t feel bloated.  His stomach doesn’t hurt.  Everything is running smoothly.  Yesterday he attended an event with tasty food, and had no interest in partaking.  He knew that the food would hurt is tummy, so it wasn’t worth it.  They also didn’t have any beer he likes, so it was easy to say no.

He also looks completely different from just a month ago.  We were going through some pictures, and that “beer gut” is completely gone.  It’s a shocking change.

Tony is gung-ho to continue eating according to the Plan.  He likes his flax cereal, kale, loads of veggies and almond butter snack.  I’m so glad he’s still going strong.

Me?  Well, I don’t feel much different.  I’m still allergic to everything.  I still have a chronic runny nose, itchy skin and alligator hands.  My stomach is still fine – I guess I’m lucky that foods don’t make me feel bloated.  But I am glad that I’ve been losing weight, and I would like to keep losing weight.  So even though it didn’t really effect my health, the effect on my weight was worth it.  And yes, I know that weight effects health.

Here’s a few things that are gone from our regular routine.  We used to drink a lot of juice.  Juice and club soda had replaced pop a while ago, but juice still has a lot of sugar.  Tony used to drink many beers on the weekend, and I used to eat something sweat everyday.  Our go to meal when we were lazy was cheese and crackers or peanut butter and honey on toast.  Plus we used to eat out regularly and pizza was one of our favorites.  You’ll notice that fruits and vegetables are not really covered here.  All those things seem to be in the distant past.  Now we have our menus planned out, full of vegetables, low on carbs and absent of processed foods.  One of the best things about having our menus planned out is that we have no need to graze or eat out because we always know exactly what we’re going to eat.

So, thank you Lyn-Genet Recitas and The Plan.  You helped us improve our health and lose weight.  We now have new habits, new recipes with friendly menus and tools to continue to improve and monitor our health.

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