New Habits

After 20 days we have developed some new and healthy habits.  These are pretty simple and are fairly easy to follow.

New Habits

  • Drink 1 pint of lemon water first thing in the morning.
  • Drink another 4-5 pints of water each day.  Try to drink each pint quickly (no sipping throughout the day) and finish by dinner time.
  • Eat three meals and a snack each day.  Enjoy 1 oz of dark chocolate or fruit with whipped cream for dessert.
  • Eat a fruit with breakfast.
  • Drink coffee with half and half.
  • Have a serving of vegetables PLUS greens at lunch and dinner.
  • Include vegetarian proteins like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, cheese, chickpeas, and chia seeds.
  • Animal protein, usually only at dinner.  4-6 oz for women, 6-8 oz for men.
  • Snacks can include protein – hummus or nut butter with carrots or rye crackers;  a piece of fruit; raw, unsalted nuts.
  • If we are expecting to eat a high sodium meal, prepare by having some high potassium snack, since it’s suppose to negate sodium – leafy greens, particularly kale, or salt-free potato chips
  • Continue to note weight every morning.  If there’s a gain, take the day to eat a plan friendly menu.

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