Week 4

Friday – Test Salmon, Broccoli Problems

Tested salmon for dinner.  Tony had a stomach ache, but when we think about it we decide that it was more likely the broccoli.  This is the second time we think he was bothered by broccoli.  It also seems that when broccoli is part of a bunch of veggies it’s ok.  So it’s not a full ban on broccoli, just a ration.

Saturday – Party Day!

C -0.4, T -1.2

Today we’re celebrating with friends and we know we’ll be drinking beer and eating party food.  So to prepare, we stay clean all day and plan for a rest day tomorrow.  Since Tony was fine with wheat beer, he’s going to try malt beer today.

For breakfast Tony decides to have the smoothie with 2% milk.  Within half an hour his stomach has puffed out and his belly aches.  Well, that’s a pretty strong reaction to cow milk.  He seems to be fine with the half and half in his coffee, but for breakfast he’s going to have to have coconut or rice milk.  I’m sorry he’s in so much pain, but I’m glad we were able to clearly identify milk as a problem food.

We eat lots of “unclean” foods.  Burger and beer, then chips and dip, cookies, candy more beer and ice cream cake.  Oh, when you list it all like it sounds like a gorge-fest.  Well, I guess it was.

Sunday – Party Recovery, or Party Day 2

C +2.4, T 1.2 – How can Tony lose twice as fast and gain half as much?  Arg!

Not actual breakfast!

To make up for yesterday’s binge, I have full intention to eat clean.  It only lasts until I get out of bed.  Tony has made french toast with sausage.  We have house guests, which include a 15 year old birthday girl, so how can we not eat a special birthday breakfast?

Tony’s been wanting french toast for a while because he’s passed bread and eggs, but I haven’t tested eggs yet.  Oh well, I won’t say no to this golden delight in maple syrup.  Plus he carefully selected the sausage, so it only contains “real” ingredients.  Breakfast is delicious, but I have a few pieces of french toast (more than the single slice I had tested) and there’s no fruit in sight.

Lunch was a disaster too.  We ran out of time when we were running errands, and when we met up for friends for a bike ride, we were obligated to have some ice cream cake.  Since when is ice cream cake a bad lunch?  Oh ya, since forever.

At least the bike ride was a success.  We made a stop at the farmers market and picked up a bunch of veggies.  We also picked up Jamaican beef patties for dinner.  So we try our best to eat a fairly good dinner.  We have our regular veggies plus greens and the beef patty.  So spicy!  I could barely handle it, and we got the mild ones!

Ok, so I promise we’ll eat well for the work week.

Monday – Dinning Out – Pasta

C – 1.2, T +1.0.  Ha!  This is the first time I’ve lost weight when Tony has gained.  I shouldn’t be so happy for his misfortune, but Schadenfreude!  I guess I’ll just be happy that despite our terrible day (food-wise) I still managed to lose weight.

Poor Tony, he left his lunch on the counter.  He’s going to have to buy something at work. Tony gets the exact right thing for lunch.  He buys one of those frozen lunch bowl things that’s full of vegetables and has some chicken.  He finds them tasty.  I’m not sure of the salt content, but I bet it’s better than the alternative.  Good choice!

I have a date, so I get to eat out.  We hit this lovely Italian eatery, and despite the offer of some lovely salads, I opt for the tagliatelle with salmon and leeks in cream sauce, which comes with a really nice tomato-zucchini bisque.   I know, I haven’t tested pasta but this lunch special sounded so good.  And thanks to the restaurant, this was a very reasonable portion size.

For dinner we enjoy leftover Jamaican patty and double veggies.  I’m glad dinner was simple because I spent the afternoon practicing my lumberjack skills (with a chainsaw, not singing) and I’m exhausted!

Tuesday – Eating Well plus some extras

C +0.4, T -0.2  – This gain is interesting.  The good: breakfast, dinner, workout.  The bad: pasta lunch, late night water.  I like to think that 0.4 lbs is all late night water.

Today we eat great.  Breakfast is an English muffin with nut butter and an apple.  Lunch is vegetable soup with chickpeas and greens and salt-free chips for a snack.  Dinner is chicken with roasted vegetables and kale.

Tony heads out with the guys, and has a beer and a couple of chips.  My will power breaks.  I get myself an ice cream (I had a drumstick in my hand, but I traded it for a real ice cream bar with a chocolate coating), but then I eat some dark chocolate, and then I have a English muffin with cheese.  Oh my.  This is how I used to eat a month ago!  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I regret everything.  Where’s the undo button?

Wednesday – Bacon

C -0.6, T -0.4 – Despite all my bad eating, I manage to lose half a pound.  I feel so lucky. I’m sure it’ll catch up with me.

Today's Lunch
Today’s Lunch

I finally plated a good looking lunch to show you how we’ve been eating.  Here’s what I had today – leftover roast vegetables, spinach with a sprinkle of cheddar, and a rye cracker with hummus.  This is a great lunch.  Roast veggies are delicious and really filling.  The rye cracker has a nice crunch.  It’s tasty.

Today I finally get to eat that bacon I bought last week.  I deliberately bought sulphite-free bacon.  The only ingredients are pork, water, sea salt, spice and smoke.  Tony cooks up bacon and eggs for dinner to go with our kale.  Eggs used to be one of our lazy go-to dinners.  We’d usually make scrambled eggs with spinach and cheddar, so we that’s how we cook it today.  It’s just like we used to eat, but instead of two pieces of toast we have kale.

Thursday – Eating Out

Cleo +0.2, Tony -0.8.  Even though I’m up, it’s not enough to constitute a reaction.  The book says anything over half a pound is a reaction.  I ate really well yesterday (I mean on plan), so I’m not concerned.  The bacon was saltier than what we usually eat, so maybe that’s why I’m up.  Although Tony’s ate the same thing, and is down almost a pound.

We have a dinner date tonight, so to prepare, I eat my salt-free potato chips before we head out.  I order a club wrap with onion rings and Tony gets a brisket sandwich with spinach salad.  I intended for us to share our sides, but Tony didn’t like the onion rings, so I had to eat them all by myself.  Funny thing was that after we both ate half our sandwiches we were stuffed!  Even though we were starving when we got there.  This is really unusual for us, but we happily get our leftovers wrapped up for tomorrow’s lunch.

When I get home, I decide to have a glass of red wine.  The book says it can help flush out extra salt because it’s a diuretic.  It’s heart healthy too, right?

Cleo -0.6, Tony -1.2

Week 4

Remember that awesome party last Saturday?  The 2.4 lbs of fun I had?  Well it took me all week to lose almost all that weight.  My net this week is +0.2. Sad face.  Tony? Down another 1.6 lbs.  So that brings us to a total of 8.2 lbs for me and 18.2 lbs for Tony.

19-Pound Baby Born To Indonesian Woman

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