That Tastes Fuzzy

When I was a kid my brother ate some cantaloupe and he said it tasted fuzzy.  My mom new immediately that meant he had a melon allergy.  I have lots of food allergies to, but over the last few years I stopped paying attention to the signs and just ate whatever I wanted.  It turns out that not only did I forget to listen to the signs, but I forgot what they were all together.

Tomatoes were one of the big allergies for me as a kid, so for a few weeks I stopped eating any form of tomato.  I was doing fine, so I decided to try some ketchup on my fries.  I told Tony that I’d just put a little dab on my lip and wait to see if I had a reaction.  After a moment I told Tony that it just burned like ketchup always does.  Ketchup doesn’t burn!, he said.  I argued that of course ketchup burns, just like tomatoes and vinegar burn due to their acidity.  Tomatoes and vinegar don’t burn!, he said.  What??!!  This is news to me.  Obviously I have an allergy to tomatoes and vinegar, but I completely missed the signs.

Another friend was telling me “you know how ginger numbs your tongue?”.  No, ginger doesn’t do that.  She protested and said that her husband agrees that ginger numbs your tongue.  Nope, you are both allergic.

If it tastes fuzzy, burns, numbs, causes itchiness, a scratchy throat,  a tickled throat, swelling, hives or any other sort of unpleasantness – don’t eat it, YOU ARE ALLERGIC!

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