Week 5 – Ongoing Lessons

Cleo – 9.4lbs, Tony -20.8lbs

I have to remind myself that a pound a week loss is good and I can’t compare myself to Tony.  It seems so much easier for him.  Plus he drinks the beer he wants and still looses.  I eat my patisseries and it takes me all week to break even.  

Lesson 1:  Stop eating bakery deliciousness.

Lesson 2: Stop overindulging on the weekends.

Tony’s been pretty strict with his diet meal plan.  He eats what’s prepped for him and doesn’t deviate.  I get bored in the evening and start snacking.  But my snacks are much less interesting than they used to be – Instead of stoned wheat thins with peanut butter and honey I eat rye cracker with hummus or cashew butter.  The few times I had cow cheddar or real peanut butter and honey, I gained.  Also, I rye cracker with hummus might fill the hunger, but isn’t so tasty as to let you over indulge.

Lesson 3: Stick to your good snacks.  Hummus, cashew butter or goat cheese or salt-free potato chips.

Sometimes I still want my evening sweet treat, even after I have had my 1oz of dark chocolate.  So I go back for more (and more).  But chocolate has never led me to a gain.  Phew!  What’s the lesson here?  Don’t freak out?  And stick to dark chocolate?  I’m not sure.

Lesson 4: Enjoy your dark chocolate. 

Lesson 5: Just keep swimming!

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